2015 Rossmoor Community FestivalThe Rossmoor Community Festival provides a great opportunity for local service providers, craft makers, governmental/educational organizations, and food vendors to get in front of residents from Rossmoor and the surrounding communities.

There are a limited number of spaces for vendor booths at the Festival and we do give priority to local businesses and organizations along with our valued past vendors for space. The earlier you apply to be a vendor the better chance you will have of being approved.

Non-Food Vendor Booth Applications

2015 Rossmoor Community FestivalIf you want to complete your Non-Food vendor booth application online, please click here. If you prefer the paper application, please download it from the top of this page and mail it in along with any necessary payment.



Complete your online Non-Food Vendor Booth Application here


Funnel Cakes

Food Vendor Booth Applications

If you are interested in applying to sell or give away food at the Rossmoor Community Festival, complete the online application here and save yourself some time. However, the paper application is also available at the top of that page if you prefer.


Complete your online Food Vendor Booth Application here